June 26, 2006

Do you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask Rafa? Well, you don’t need to be a reporter of the international media to have that chance.
Every couple of weeks, RN.com will give10 lucky fans the chance to have their most wanted questions asnwered by Rafael. If you would like to have your question posted, all you have to do send us your question to:

•  Q: Marta Caceres: You have been working so hard for so long without rest. Don't you think you deserve a holiday? After Wimbledon, are you thinking about going to Manacor with your family or will you spend time at some other special place?

A: I'm not sure sure if I deserve a holiday or not. This is the life of a tennis player and I like it. Everything in life requires sacrifices. After Wimbledon I will be in Manacor or at some other tournament depending of when I finish. I can tell you that I will be in Disneyland Paris during this summer before I go to the States.

•  Q : Airam: What is your biggest dream apart from becoming the number one tennis player in the world? And who amongst the players you haven't played, would you like to play?

A: I think the most important thing is winning tittles. The numbers will follow after that. I don't know who [else] I would like to play, but I can tell you that I really enjoy playing everytime.

•  Q: Salome: Hola!! I'm Salome from Argentina and I would like to know how you feel about fame and all the admiration you get from very important and respected people! I include myself as well.

A: Thank you very much for the message and all the admiration. I really like it when people say this kind of things. I think I handle very well the topic of popularity.  

•  Q: Atsuko: Does it mean anything when you put your water battles down very carefully in certain way during change over?

A: I was doing it for some kind of luck. Now I have stopped it since I was going nuts.

•  Q: Selena & Lorena
Hola rafa! For sure you like going out partying, but do you like dancing? Most of time time you have to train or attend some tournament, how can you go out?

A: hahahahahah, of course I like to go out and dance. I'm a normal 20 year old guy.

•  Q: La macaya: How would you describe yourself in one word.

A: Humble?

•  Q: Yvonne: Hi Rafael! If u did not play tennis or soccer. What would you do as a career?

A: Soccer or tennis hahahahahahahahahaah

  Q: Elena
Rafa, you say that Kim Clijsters makes fun of your English - in what ways does she do this?

A: When I do press conferences I sometimes say words that do not exist and when I speak with her same thing. That's why. She is really nice.

•  Q: Ula/Poland
I'd like to know have you had any regrets in your life? Is there any decision you made that you regret now? Thank you Cheers!

A: I don't think I have any at this stage of my life. We will see.

•  Q: Hasna: Hola Rafael!!!!! what was the last book you read?

A: I started the Da Vinci code but then I saw the movie and stopped. I am now working on what I am going to read.

Thank you guys, talk to you soon!