Going Fishing with Rafa
Tuesday, July 17 2006


Welcome to another RN.com exclusive! Rafa has been on his holidays and taken some well deserved time out since Wimbledon, but heís spared us a bit of time to let us know what heís been up to Ė fishing!

Check out below Rafaís account of a great day he spent fishing with his friends, and also all the pictures of Rafa, his friends, and lots of fish! Ė Enjoy!

ďAfter the Wimbledon final, I spent some days on holiday in Puertocristo, 20km from Manacor, a place where all my family normally spend the holidays. Apart from the small car accident, itís been a fantastic holiday, Iíve had a great time and Iíve been able to relax, enjoy spending time with my family and friends, play beach football, go fishing etcÖ

Thatís been good, but what a mess with the car incident. A little exaggerated, donít you think? You all know that one of the things that I like to do most is go fishing and because of this Iíd like to share with you all the best day out fishing that Iíve had, which was the day before I started preparing for the tournament in Toronto.

Manolo and his son Daniel are two of my dadís friends who also love fishing. That day, they invited us to spend a day fishing with them. In total there were six of us: Manolo and his son Daniel, my dad, Salvador who is a friend of the family, my friend and agent, Carlos Costa, and me.

We got up at 5 oíclock in the morning and went to the port where Manolo has the boat. The boat is about 14 metres long, very attractive for sure. At 6.15am we went out onto the sea and we had an hour and a half of travelling to reach the site where we would fish.

Manolo said we were going to catch a lot. And he wasnít wrong; we were fishing from 8 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. In total we caught 170 red breams and by mistake, we caught a manta ray, see the photo, that we returned to the sea once we had taken a picture.

The truth is we had a great time, there were plenty of hours of good fishing at 400metres depth, and good laughs with everyone who was there. By the way, my hand is now fine and I hope to be able to be at 100% in Toronto.

Iím sending you all a big hug and thank you to you all for your support, as always.