Tuesday, July 4 2006

“I would like to share through my website my indignation in regards to the information that appeared on a French newspaper this week. In the article they accuse me as one of the people being investigated for doping in Spain.
It is incredible that someone would write som=ething that is not true, and I think those that do such thing are just unpleasant people.

In this case it affects me. I’ve been raised to live my life - not just in general but also in sports- without cheating. I think that the information given was done with intentions to harm me, which is what I can’t understand.

The first time that the news came out, I didn’t want to pay attention to them because those kind of issues tend to die with time by themselves. But when it appeared twice in the same newspaper, I kind of knew that there was something wrong.

I’m fine, but the reason why I’m taking the time to write these few lines is because I know there are too many people behind me, like my fans, mi family, my team and my sponsors.

I don’t want to carry on with this matter because after all, I know they want to get publicity out of this situation. On the same note I’m not going to let them offend me. I don’t think I deserve this, not as a person nor as an athlete.

I’ve already mentioned that my manager is deciding with a lawyer whether or not to take legal action, but I insist that It’s a shame that this type of things are published, not just about me, but about other athletes as well.
To all of my fans, thank you for your support and don’t worry because I would never let down you down”

Rafa Nadal